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Botlab is a software accelerator startup that conducts training to professionals in Artificial intelligence, machine learning and Business intelligence. We train Top and middle level managers by simplifying these technologies to them, how they can be used to address certain organization challenges/issues, and how they can be aligned on corporate strategy. Techies on the other hand are trained in detail on different technological aspects using in depth curriculums that have been tested globally.

Trainers: Our trainers are sourced both locally and abroad directly or through strategic partnerships. We have recruited a few whose profile can be viewed from the team page

Botlab addresses SDG goal 8{Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all} Botlab aims at accelerating career growth and progression within IT departments with the aim of ensuring they are aligned to the Corporate strategy that’s embedded on addressing challenges using artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Business intelligence.

Botlab is a member of shetrades, an initiative of ITU.


Business Development Manager

Mercy Njue

Founder Botlab

She has an MBA, and a Degree in Business & technology from Africa Nazarene University. She is also a BI specialist and is cloud certified trained by IBM. She is currently training in Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination. She has also been trained by Seven seas technology. She has 7 years of experience working in Kenya and US.

Business Development Manager

Jane Nteree


heads Curriculum & training, she is great at programming, administration, sets the pace on curriculum review. She has a degree and Masters in IT from Strathmore University.

Business Development Manager

Dr. Kendi Muchungi

Lead Trainer

She is a computational neuroscience expert with over 10years experience in technology in locally- Kenya and globally. She is also a design thinking trainer.

Business Development Manager

Prof. Waiganjo Wagacha


He is our curriculum expert consultant in AI, ML. He is the Lead professor at University of Nairobi teaching and researching in artificial Intelligence,& Machine intelligence. 



Introduction to Network Operations: UNIX/LINUX & DNS by ISOC and Botlab

Ngong Hills Hotel    June - July 2018

This introductory online course is targeted at novice/entry level UNIX/Linux users pursuing careers in Network or System Administration. The course is practically oriented and guides the trainee step by step on how to install and setup a working UNIX server, connect it to the Internet and then run a Caching Domain Name System (DNS) server in a Virtualized environment. The techniques covered in the course are applicable in real world environments to setup Internet-ready caching DNS servers. The course was developed over 9 months with assistance from several experts from within and out of Africa. It is a foundation course that provides trainees with necessary skills to allow them to progress to more advanced topics in the future.

Network services and Monitoring

Ngong Hills Hotel    August 2018

This is a PILOT course aimed at intermediate level network and system engineers/administrators aiming to get operational experience with IPv6 with a focus on specific Internet services. The course covers the following main areas:

  • Authoritative DNS
  • Introduction to Email
  • Network Monitoring

Technology addiction: How to deal with gadget addition in Children

Ngong Hills Hotel    11th August 2018 (9:00AM - 12:30PM)    Ksh2,000

This course will introduce the participants in gadget addiction in children. They will also understand different concepts that revolve around cognitive psychology. Targeted audience revolves around parents, teachers, and those that interact with children daily. We aim to demystify technology addiction and bring in practical tips throughout the session.

To register, email us contact@botlab.biz or call 0700-915-197

Introduction to General Data protection regulation- GDPR

Ngong Hills Hotel    23rd August 2018 (9:00AM - 1:00PM)    Ksh10,000

Introduction to General Data protection regulation- GDPR. This skills-based training is intended for entrepreneurs or managers who want to understand how the requirements of the GDPR will affect their organization. Managers involved in or responsible for GDPR compliance, such as: Privacy managers, Legal counsel and paralegals Executive managers/directors Data protection managers, Information security managers, IT managers, Project managers, Corporate governance managers, Risk and compliance managers, General or privacy counsels, and Finance, HR or marketing managers.

To register, email us contact@botlab.biz or call 0700-915-197

Introduction to Data science using Python

Ngong Hills Hotel    September 2018

Introduction to Data science using Python.

UX Design Research

Ngong Hills Hotel    October 2018

UX Design Research.

Algorithms and Modeling

Ngong Hills Hotel    October 2018

Algorithms and Modeling.

Python Prep

Python Prep

ANU, Main Campus Rongai, Nairobi    8:30 AM to 1:00 PM EST

Lean python basics with the aim of creating interest in Machine learning. We will cover topics like: Data containers, Word Anagrams, Numpy, Pandas

Free Bootstrap Seminar

Business Intelligence mini workshop

Nairobi    Soon

The event will be held in December 2017. Its purpose is to create interest and engage the audience in the different segments of BI. This will also act and an opportunity to talk about different careers in BI.

Turning data into actionable insights

Radisson Blu- Upperhill    April 2018

In this conference, you will learn more on BI strategy, how to prepare data for synthesis and visualization, architecture, and many more.

Python Training - coming soon (November)

Nairobi    November 2018

Lean python basics with the aim of creating interest in Machine learning.

Inception training

Dar-es salaam    November 2018

Inception refers to a particular neural network model in the CVPR 2015 paper titled Going Deeper With Convolutions.

IT literacy traning

Nairobi    2018

IT literacy traning.


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We are always open for partnerships in above areas, if you would like to partner with us, please contact us.

Email: mercy@botlab.biz
Phone: +254 700 915197
Website: www.botlab.biz
Nairobi, Kenya

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